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Alisa Snell:

Sarah Abagulum’s art classes are the highlight of my daughter’s week. She feels successful and confident in her art and I love that she is learning foundational art principles while having fun.



My daughter has been coming to lessons for over two years. She has learned so much and has gotten experience in multiple art mediums. She loves coming to art class!


Megan Jones:

We have absolutely loved attending the Ninth Muse Academy! The classes are small so the students get the attention to excel in their art skills! The progress we have seen our child make is outstanding & we can tell she is learning valuable skills! We love Sarah & her energy! She has so much patience with each student. The students adore & respect Sarah!


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who we are

Have you ever dreamed of having the skills to create that piece of artwork you've always dreamed of?
Ninth Muse Academy of Art was formed to create a community to teach and inspires all artists - from the novice to the professional.
Our goal is to provide an environment that will nurture every student and encourage each individual’s unique artistic talent.
Ninth Muse Academy of Art breaks down art just like your math teacher breaks down equations.
Each component is made simple so the most complicated concepts can be achieved.

Where you start:
Drawing isn't about talent. It's about really seeing what is there and learning techniques to capture it. Painting is just drawing with paint.
What you will need:
A willingness to try new things, make mistakes, and have fun. We will provide everything for the first class. After that we will discuss any supplies needed.
Where you will end up:
Frustration will melt away as your creativity becomes reality. You will be able to create what you intended and painting will become enjoyable and relaxing.

the Studio Director- Sarah Abagulum studied and taught at Mission: Renaissance Fine Art Class in California- the biggest art institution in the world. She trained in the Gluck Method and has brought her passion and experience to Ogden, her hometown.



What makes your school different from other art classes?

Our classes are tailored for individualized instruction. Our classes have no start or end date. Students start with the same set of skills during the first lesson but work through the curriculum at their own pace. Instruction is individualized for based on each student's skill level.

What is taught at Ninth Muse Academy of Art?

We teach Line, Value, and Color at your level at your pace. You will get to use charcoal, pastels, watercolor, acrylic, oil, and clay. We are committed to take your artwork to the next level.

Does Ninth Muse Academy of Art offer other experiences besides academic-based drawing and painting classes?

The Monarch opens its studios every first Friday. As a student at the 9th Muse you have the opportunity to display your artwork to the public.
We also offer subject-based workshops and Open Studio, and live drawing sessions.
 Check it out our lessons and schedule your class now!

Can I buy art supplies through Ninth Muse Academy of Art?

Yes! We provide the first few art mediums here in the studio. You can purchase other mediums using the link to Blick Art Supplies. 

Are there Makeups for lessons?

That depends-
Weekly lessons YES!-See our MakeUp Policy
One Time Events No. 

What ages do you teach?

6-96 years old. There's room for everyone!

What community involvement do you offer?

As a part of Ogden's Nine Rails Creative District, we offer a wide range of opportunities for community involvement. On the first Friday of every month we participate in the First Friday Open Studio at the Monarch. Any art student can showcase his or her work during the stroll.
We also host a annual ChalkWalk in June.
Junior High and High School can host art show at the Monarch through 9th Muse as well. 

What makes Ninth Muse Academy of Art unique?

Our students and members are what makes us unique! Each individual brings a unique flavor to Ninth Muse Academy. Students bring or develop a style that is only strengthened by a firm foundation of the basics of art.

What unique opportunities are offered at Ninth Muse Academy of Art?

Being community-based means we offer a safe space to explore together and share opportunities to be involved or to gain different knowledge not offered outside the art community, which organically happens at Ninth Muse Academy. You bring your skill sets and share them with others. There might be someone who does something you've always seen, done or wanted to try.


  • 455 25th Street, Ogden, UT 84401, USA
  • The Monarch Building Studio #38